By the third segment the whole gang is back together. Eliana is wearing weird pants, Japan is licking eye balls, and Brent is competitive.

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One Response to “Interns”

  1. Mr. Smiff

    18 June 2013 at 3:28 pm


    I must say, the idea of “worming” or eyeball licking is nothing new to us up in The Great Northwest. A few old lady friends and i did this back in 2005, but back then we just called it drinking too much tequila and getting bored. Now that i think about it the tequila probably acted as a sterilizing agent to prevent infection…hmmmm
    Anyway, as it has been quite a while since one of my rambling comments, so here we go! A few things must be addressed.
    1. Where are the musical sing alongs? Lars or Eliana this needs to be dealt with. How bout a rousing jingle about Noah’s possibly creepy east coast neighbors? Bed Stuy was brought up with no Mention of the late great Notorious BIG…it was his home!!!!or at the very least a song about Lars’ piss-bottle toting neighbor?
    2.GOOBY:Lars, we never recieved a proper review of this disturbingly creepy looking stuffed animal….This thing looks like future child therapy in the making.
    and most importantly..
    3. TOWN OF THE WEEK. where did it go? Assuming Noah is still in town it has been a while. How about Brier, WA. Not even the post master regards it as a city, as all my post arrives c/o Lynnwood, not Brier.
    Thanks Guys!
    PS>Brent, i was camping in the deep woods last week and your family says “sssshshhhhhhhhhh, woooshhhhhh, ssssshhhhh” That is supposed to be the sound of tree branches in the wind.

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