Prison Prom


Who will win prison, an extreme fear of dogs in the Tennessee State assembly, 80’s Movie or Nay Ye Screwy, the┬ápresident┬ácomes to visit Culver City, and Earth Day, Eliana style.

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Who will be Prom King?Who will be Prom King?
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Who will be Prom King?

2 Responses to “Prison Prom”

  1. Kris

    11 May 2011 at 2:56 am


    First of all i think its cute the way white people see jail. its a horrible place and Eliana would get the shit kicked out of her daily trust me im an EMT who picks up from the female jail regularly and ive seen pics of her trust me she would become EVERYONES bitch. on the short term like a month stay i think Lars would be the winnner. for a month i think he can stand a few fights and not have to join a gang so…good for you i guess. On the long term i think Brent is the CLEAR winner because i think it would take brent about a month to realize that he is not getting out of there ever. i think once Brent realizes that he is in for LIFE he will start to manipulate people and start in fighting the gangs with his knowledge. i think he can start a cult inside the jail to protect him.

    • Megaboom!!

      13 May 2011 at 10:00 am


      Eliana would be everyones bitch in jail, just like in real life.

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