Die Cathy Die!


Congratulations humor, that 2-d tumor that’s been using all of your hilarious white blood cells to collect chocolate and angst is dead! Death to Cathy, may her yogurt fueled reign be instantly forgotten. In lieu of singing this week, the gang examines the Philippine phenomenon of the “My Way Murders,” Brent and Noah try to explain what life on Gliese 581g might be like (lots of bats), and children in New Zealand go on a class sponsored possum hunt. Finally, Eliana’s mom tells us what Charlie the dog is thinking.

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We can't stop here. Bat country.We can't stop here. Bat country.
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We can't stop here. Bat country.

One Response to “Die Cathy Die!”

  1. Awesome Adam

    3 October 2010 at 6:54 pm


    (aka Adam Hendrix)

    October 23…will you remember?…we’ll see…

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