CioffaKaufaLarsCast PART 1 & 2

SHOW 1 – CioffaKaufaLarsCast PART 1 – LISTEN HERE!

The dream of the KaufCast has once again been crushed.  This time by Lars and Cioffi.  But even though Noah is forced to share the title of the show…again, a great time is had by all.  We get a glimpse inside the world of the California Institute of Technology, find out how Noah’s poor TV watching habits caused a moment of flabbergasting embarrassment several years ago.  And iPhone 4!  iPhone 4 everybody!!

SHOW 2 – CioffaKaufaLarsCast PART 2 – LISTEN HERE!

Someone hates on ToyStory 3. Guards! Get them! Have you played Stump? The Northwoods craze that’s sweeping the nation. No? Get a hammer and get in line.

Let’s sing make Medved smile with an iPhone 4. It’s a fun song that ends with no one smiling. Medved never smiles.

Low Budget FM has a really really dirty secret. At least, lbfm.com does. (Don’t go there.)

Finally, Noah is upset that America is dumb

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6 Responses to “CioffaKaufaLarsCast PART 1 & 2”

  1. Giovanni G.

    12 July 2010 at 4:45 pm


    I really like the full cast of the show and think there’s some really unique comedy when all of you are in a room together recording an episode.
    With that said my favorite reduced cast episodes are with Cioffi, Noah and Lars, these two eps are amazing!

    If NormalBoom and LadyBoom are still out of town having their secret rendezvous as implied in part 1, you guys should make haste and record another two or three parter CioffaKaufaLarsCast ASAP.

    These two eps are so fucking great!

  2. Giovanni G.

    12 July 2010 at 7:10 pm


    I loved the Numb3rs discussion and the dinner story from part 1.
    The JKL blackout story was awesome, funny and kinda inspiring.

    The tales of Cioffi’s debate past were compelling and the stuff about the legalities involved in the JKL youtube channel was mind blowing.

    It sounds like this was recorded at least a week ago, if that’s true and the other two cast members have returned, maybe lock them out of the barn for an hour and knock out another CioffaKaufaLarsCast in spite of them showing up at the studio, then record 3 normal full cast megaboom eps.

  3. Scott

    25 July 2010 at 9:57 pm


    Hey, where’s the ‘boom? Everything ok guys?

    I REALLY enjoy the show, so I can’t begin to describe the dissapointment every day when I sync up my iPhone only to discover no new episodes of Megaboom!! have been released! First it was once a week, and then I got spoiled with several a week for a while there, but now we’re getting two at once every couple weeks and now… Radio silence.

    I REALLY hope you guys haven’t abandoned the show and/or been claimed by the black widow spiders that live in the barn.

    • casper wilkes

      24 August 2010 at 1:27 am


      Agreed. When are we getting some new episodes? I think i’m going to go through some withdraw. We were supposed to get some “secret” episodes, but we’ve only gotten 2, and that was almost a month ago. this show is awesome, and the community is strong enough not to see it go down the shitter. and BTW, it’s a garage, not a barn.

      • Scott

        31 August 2010 at 9:16 pm

        You, good sir, are clearly not a fan of Low Budget FM, another hilarious comedy podcast that recorded from the same garage/barn/”studio” as Megaboom.

        But on to the topic at hand! The Megaboom Community simply demands the show continue!! Until the studio situation gets resolved, you guys can record using the mic on Cioffi’s laptop. Or just shout in the general direction of my house. Whatever works for you.


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