The Kind of Joke You Make After 47hrs Without Sleep

The Kind of Joke You Make After 47hrs Without Sleep


Oh, hello? Is that you listener? Sorry, I was just… do you have any pillows? God I would love some pillows right now. And a blanket, a deep, soft, warm blanket. Oh, you’re still here, huh? Well, I guess you’ll want to know about the show.

In this episode Noah and Brent install a washing machine and Nancy Pelosi installs a light bulb. (Cioffi’s hilarious Senators installing light bulb joke goes here. Yawn). Turns out the John Wu classic Face Off has become reality, good news to dove throwers everywhere. Good news to perverts everywhere, if everywhere is Detroit, you’re neighbor Jay Thunderbolt has a surprise in his basement. It’s a strip club. Lucky You. Good news to Turkmens everywhere, the circus is coming to town!

Way to go Swede’s, one of you has mastered iTunes reviews, I’m waiting for the comments to pour in. For those of you Zune hang in there, we’ll find a why for you to comment yet! Thanks for listening everyone! Now about that blanket…

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One Response to “The Kind of Joke You Make After 47hrs Without Sleep”

  1. Joe Wood

    11 May 2010 at 4:46 am


    Hey fellas:

    You have an apostrophe error in your summary. “Swede’s” should be “Swedes.” Dont feel bad, it happen’s to lots’ of guy’s.

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