Megaboom Nature Hour, Compressed and Limited!


Mike Cioffi buys us a new Limiter and Compressor and boy do we sound good. Now Brent can express emotions (by yelling)!

Eliana and Brent are back! “Thank God!” says all of the listeners that can tell our voices apart (2).

During her surgery Eliana spent a lot of time on drugs. Fortunately for everyone, Brent remembered most of these nuggets of madness and brought them to share today.

Blitz returns with a special Oscars chat roulette and we try to understand mammoth bone based currency in Siberia. If you’re looking to invest check with the talking dogs at the mammoth bone reserve bank.

Also, Craigslist Crap! It’s a great one because maybe Eliana is pregnant in a skating bear cage.

Enjoy everyone.

ELIANA’s Corner

Hey Megaboom listeners!

It’s me! Eliana!

Make sure you fill out your census form. If you don’t, California may lose it’s seat in the senate.

Don’t lose the seat! Send in the sheet!

(it’s late)

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The Ukrainians. You know who I'm talking about.The Ukrainians. You know who I'm talking about.
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The Ukrainians. You know who I'm talking about. The Ukrainian fashion show! Tiny guy in a big coat. Tiny guy in a big coat. Richard what's happening?!! Uh-oh. Just in case you're confused by the peepoo. Or you can watch a homeless person. Even mammoth bones are affected by the recession. Dammit! When will it all end??? Aren't aprons great? They're just great. They carry things. They're great. Am I on drugs again? It's the incredibly insughtful Norwegian Tree Frog. He has your lucky numbers! Raise prime lending rate on femurs. Bark. If only it were this easy.

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