Tyrannosaurus Sexy Valentines Day


Dear Super Secret Valentine,

I like you lots.  I remember when I first noticed you when we almost died after being shrunk and swallowed by the ginger kid Arnold.  Ms. Frizzle’s class sure was scary. Anyway, because I was the only black kid in class you probably remember me for wearing the only orange space suit when we explored the solar system. Long story short, now I am on the internet radio and I made this Valentines show just for you. We do all you favorite things– make fun of a fat person on an airplane, discover dino-love, try to understand why the Canadians are bad hosts of the Olympics, and wait in line for Wendy’s Grand Slam.  It will be all the fun of our normal trips without the normal dangers associated with atom compression or ripping apart the space time continuum.  Hope you enjoy it.

Love you always.

That One Black Kid

*If you did not read The Magic School Bus as kids, what were you doing with yourselves between the ages of 3 and 8?  Seriously.  Who are you people?*

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One Response to “Tyrannosaurus Sexy Valentines Day”

  1. laxdude

    16 February 2010 at 11:38 pm


    The Canadian way is to aim for the bronze, since it is a much more useful metal.

    And the Olympic ceremonies have to be stupid enough to appeal to the people stupid enough to watch them. I say we might have succeeded.

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