Sandwich! Sandwich! by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass



After months in the recording studio Lars and Eliana discover that the microphones are recording the sounds they make. This is terrible for everyone. Similarly chimps make a terrible movie in Britain. Yup, chimps. Kevin Pederson returns for Craigslist Crap and it is slightly less creepy than the last time he came.

Did you know Cioffi can speak like the Micromachines Man? Did you know your average German can fit 44 lizards in their pants? Did you know the maritime laws governing passage of a ship in a restricted channel at night? Neither did Brent according to the boat police. That’s right, not the Coast Guard, the boat police.

Finally Noah and Eliana see a play about Native American Jews. There is a singing cactus.

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Cactus Gollum! Cactus Gollum! Rar!Cactus Gollum! Cactus Gollum! Rar!
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Cactus Gollum! Cactus Gollum! Rar! Where's the party? IN YOUR PANTS!!!!!! How many lizard friends can I fit in my pants ya? (in German accent) ART?!?!?!@#$% MONKEY

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