Fantastic Max vs. Bag Full of Glue


Patrick joins to recount historical virgins he would most like to do the sex with. Spoiler alert, most of them were not attractive. It’s really creepy. Good news, you can now take a tour of gangland L.A. and see the Watt’s Towers and where Biggie died. If you’re lucky you might even die yourself. Better news, Air America is off the air and that hot hot frequency is making its bed warm for some late night Megaboom!! spooning. Or a new All MARIACHI ALL THE TIME station. You’re move Megaudiance. The Chinese counterfeit condoms and the boom guys counterfeit female genitals to attempt a Cosmo quiz. No one wins. Oh yeah, Noah saw some show about a baby on a rocket when he was a kid or something. Not a big deal.

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condome Artemis. Oooh...I wanna fuck the moon. Boleslaus the 5th of Poland. I've got a pole for you... Isaac Newton. Your luscious powdery locks get me so sexy hot! Lewis Carroll, I'll let you deep into my wonderland. Emily Dickinson. mmm...oh yeah. What do YOU think is happening in this classic still?? DAMN MARIACHI! GET THE FUCK OFF MY RADIO!

One Response to “Fantastic Max vs. Bag Full of Glue”

  1. Emma

    29 January 2010 at 9:55 am


    Very funny episode!

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