Mojito, the Time Traveling Latin Pool Boy


Now with cartoons by Lars! Kesha should never be interviewed by old people.  Lars and Eliana escape the Doomsday clock with the help of McCafes while Cioffi prepares the nerd revolt against the evil empire of Brent’s monotone. Another episode of Cragslist Crap, helmed by local comedian Kate Frisbee, introduces us to Mojito, the time traveling Latin pool boy. Some people are getting depressed after watching Avatar. We make fun of them. Finally, who the hell writes family circus?

Peace and Love everyone, except to the hippies, f* you guys.

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He he, silly sad Avatards.

Ke$ha. Hotter than you would think. About as talented.

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One Response to “Mojito, the Time Traveling Latin Pool Boy”

  1. Giovanni G.

    21 January 2010 at 12:57 am


    This ep is great! the show keeps getting better and better.
    I want to be the first person to post that Noah sounds exactly like Mike Cioffi if he’d recently been kicked in the head by a horse(in the best possible way), I wanted to post that sooner but I couldn’t quite figure out who was who….I’m retarded.

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